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Optifloat™ Tint

Optifloat™ Tint is body tinted glass available in a choice of colours; Green, Bronze, Grey, Arctic Blue™ and Optifloat™ Clear.Optifloat™ Tint can be used for visual appeal, to reduce glare or where a degree of solar control performance is required. It may be used for exterior and interior applications.The range of thicknesses available enable glass to be used where superior strength, greater spans, reduced deflection, higher daylight transmission and enhanced noise suppression are required.Optifloat™ Tint can be toughened or laminated or used in Insulating Glass Units.


Eclipse Advantage™

Eclipse Advantage™ combines both solar control and low emissivity in an on-line coated glass which can be easily processed.Eclipse Advantage™ offers design flexibility, it achieves natural colour with the subtle reflectivity, high visible light transmittance and interior glare control. Combines low emissivity with solar control for energy cost reductions through energy efficiency compared to ordinary glass. Available in a variety of colours: Clear, Blue-Green, Arctic Blue, Grey, Bronze and EverGreen



RangeSuncool™ is a range of superior solar control products with high visible light transmittance and low emissivity in one off-line product. Available in a range of colours & performance options, also available with self-cleaning Activ Suncool™.


Optilam™ I

This laminated glass incorporates a choice of eight standard coloured interlayers, offering a wide choice of colours. It remains intact or breaks safely on impact reducing the risk of serious injury. Optilam™ I also resists attack for longer as it remains bonded to the interlayer – specialist high performance security glass also available. Can be used in Insulating Glazing Units, for different combinations of benefits. Up to Class 1(B)1 to BS EN 12600: 2002.






This is a high quality float glass with an unrivalled environmental pedigree.Available in a range of thicknesses from 3 - 25mm to enable glass to be used in a wide variety of demanding building applications.


Optitherm™ S4

This is an ultra low emissivity, high thermal insulating off-line coated glass. The effect of the low emissivity coating is to reflect heat energy back into the building. The transparent coating also transmits heat from the sun and provides high light transmission to create a naturally lit, comfortable working environment.








Tried and trusted protection against heat, flames and hot gases. The Pyrostop™ range is a family of clear, laminated fully insulating fire and impact resistant glass that offers the highest levels of fire protection (Integrity and Insulation), maximising the available levels of natural light and visibility. Depending on the thickness, it provides impact protection up to Class 1 of BS EN 12600.



Pyrodur™ is ideal for use in fire doors and partitioning. It is a clear, laminated fire and impact resistant glass offering up to 60 minutes integrity, together with some heat insulation in suitable glazing systems. Depending on the thickness, it provides impact protection up to Class 1(B)1 of BS EN 12600.


Pyrodur™ Plus

Provides integrity and partial insulation with impact safety for doors and screens. Clarity and options for decorative effects e.g. sandblasting.  Achieves full heat insulation for a short period of time which could facilitate evacuation through doors and escape corridors without panic.  Tested and approved in a wide range of fire-resistant glazing gaskets and sealants.Pyroshield™A market leading wired glass for fire-resistance. Manufactured for more than 120 years it has been tried and tested in doors, partitions and windows in a wide range of buildings from schools to offices. A fire integrity only product, it will restrict the spread of flames and hot gases for up to 120 minutes when incorporated into a suitably tested or previously assessed fire rated insulating glazing unit. It is available in both clear and textured versions.







Provides a range of noise control levels and is suitable for internal and external applications.  It can be single glazed or incorporated in an Insulating Glass Unit such as  Insulight™ Phon for increased sound insulation. Safety glass to meet all the impact safety requirements of BS EN 12600. A thin and lightweight solution to noise problems.


Insulight™ Phon

Insulight offers you the unrivalled pedigree you would expect from the world's number one glass company. Be sure to look for the Pilkington Insulight™ name stamped on to the spacer bar between the two panes of glass. Then you'll know you have insulating glass units you can trust.






All of these brands of advanced glass are available from Eastern Glass (view the complete range here). If  you have questions about the type that is best for your project please get in touch, asking for Martin, on 01638 66 26 36 or email us here.


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